Delivery and Payment

Payment terms:

  • Prices are given in EUR or US$ you can switch between EUR/USD top right of the page.
  • If you want to pay in other currency, please let us know – leave the message at the end of your order in the note box.
  • Customers in EU: prices are without VAT tax, which is in Czech 21% . If you have a VAT tax number = you are a VAT tax payer, please fill your VAT number. Customers in EU, without VAT tax number, will have to pay the price including the Czech VAT tax 21%.
  • Non-EU customers: your price is final, there is no VAT tax.
  • Proforma Invoice (price quotation): after finish your order, we will send you the Proforma Invoice as soon as possible. The shipping charge will be included.


Shipping charge: postage and packing are calculate according to your destination country, customs fees and instance package.

Payment options:

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit card (through the PayPal bank, without any registration)

We most prefer payment by bank transfer.

How to order:



Once you have placed your order, please wait for an email from us, where the total shipping and payment method will be calculated.


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